August 12, 2016

1 Seven Miles Per Second

School is back in session for us.   I am so used to starting at the very end of August, but we moved this past year and this new school district starts EARLY!  The benefit is more breaks during the year, so I am not complaining!

Fabulous Fun Finds is getting back to our roots by showcasing hidden treasures across the Internet once again!  As long as life doesn't get ahead of me I plan on featuring shops eat week day along with sales from my favorite retailers such as Nordstrom and Target.

My first shop feature since I am getting back to my blog "roots" is a shop specializing in ROOTS t-shirts.

Seven Miles Per Second uses heat press vinyl transfers on American Apparel pieces to create the cutest  "roots" or "made" tees and items along with birthday tees.  A wide range of other products from bags to mouse pads are available as well.

Anyone who has a three year old or soon to be three year old can appreciate this tee.  Other ages are available as well, but this one is my favorite.