November 17, 2014

1 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Two Year Old Boy

This list is for those of you with a TWO YEAR OLD BOY!  These are items I will be getting, would like to get or already have for my son.  Pretty much and train, car or bike will do.  My son is ALL BOY.  He isn't much into coloring yet, but he loves his TIRES!  This post contains affiliate links.

There are also Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and other brand Striders available through the link above.

The Strider is probably the best gift I have ever given my two year old son.  He is so speedy on this thing.  There are BMX tracks across the nation that host Strider Races which are so fun for kids.  My two year old son competes every week and loves it!  My husband is a KTM lover, so he prefers the bike above.  It costs a little bit more for the name, so if you don't care than grab the regular strider here!  There are lots of color options.

I have mentioned this bus before!  It is my sons favorite toy!  He sleeps with it.  It is retractable as well which makes it super fun!  Two year old boys love anything with tires, right!

These are the perfect size for this little guys.  They are hard, so outdoor use only over at our house!

We have this truck and a Tonka Truck and I actually prefer the John Deere Truck.  It is huge and made out of steel.  This will last you forever.  This are awesome at the beach or in a sandbox.  We have two outside in the backyard and one inside that is not allowed to go outside.  You can't go wrong with a Tonka or a John Deere Truck.  Please make sure you purchase a steel truck and not a plastic one.  The steel trucks last longer and boys are hard on toys.

On sale right now.

I strongly suggest the WOOD trains,  They last forever!

Even my older kids love watching this series of educational movies.

These are fun for all ages, but my son can whip around on one of these like nobody's business.  It is pretty awesome.

This toy makes washing my son's hair fun for him.

This gift is really great to give the dad or grandpa. but your two year old will LOVE it!