October 3, 2014

0 Facebook Wrap Up for October 3

Enjoy today's Facebook Wrap Up!  Each of these items were featured today on the Fabulous Fun Finds Facebook page.  I hope you find something FABULOUS!

Gorgeous double breasted Guess coat just marked down. http://bit.ly/YYBLFF
Girls polka dot Under Armour leggings. 

This top is $28.80 with FREE SHIPPING. I have a few of 

these. They are a closet staple of mine. http://bit.ly/10q4Gnh

Leopard Print Dress. Loving it for the tiny ones.

 oh la la! Add a little bit of glam to your holiday tables this 

year. New Years, Christmas ... these plates are great. 

 Set of 4 cupcake pedetals plates for $12  http://bit.ly/1uIDyg7
 Since we seem to be on a mint trend this week look what I 

found. I have two pairs of Nike Free shoes and they are great f
or me!! My favorite workout shoes fo' sho' 

These are the earrings I am planning on wearing for family 

pix. I always love a little bling. --->http://bit.ly/1rNOyXk

 I tried this Caslon (I seem to LOVE this brand this season) 

Pocket Tunic Sweater on today. It is a keeper. --->

Price Drop! 100 orange glow sticks! Give these out instead 


candy. Free shipping too. ---> http://amzn.to/1yD0zDM

Green and pink are the cheapest. This link takes you to all of 

 I was just at Nordstrom and these Sketchers Twinkle Toes 

OWL light up sneakers are so cute!! ---> http://bit.ly/1ukEOog

Reader Find! --> Puzzle Piece Sketchers on Overstock. 

 Just a reminder these flats are so comfy and 50% off. Go for 

the copper for sure. Free shipping too. http://bit.ly/1E5ivqH
An iphone case for those with an adventurous spirit! 


  Mason Jar Ceramic Measuring Spoons $4.99

Nordstrom is now carrying a really cute and affordable ELSA 

   These kids rainboots are stunning. http://bit.ly/Z0kagU
   These kids rainboots are stunning. http://bit.ly/Z0kagU
 Gotta love Target's Halloween hair curler foam wig. 

   Amazing Lace Up Boots  http://bit.ly/1sJeUG6
 Converse Chuck Taylor HOT PINK shoes are starting to sell 

out in some sizes. 40% off and has been a FFF top seller 

this week. -->http://bit.ly/1v2hFWL
 20% off plus free shipping. Perfect gift for the little ones. Cute squirtie boat bath set. http://bit.ly/1oGMtHU

This girls top would be so cute with a pair of leggings. It is 

30% off with the code SHOP (40% off if you have a gap 


 Super cute polka dot vest and it is 40% off today! 

 Michael Kors Crib Shoe is now on sale.  http://bit.ly/1oGOSC8

50% off running shoes today on amazon. It is the deal of the


Toggle Coat is 45% off plus ships free.