March 21, 2014

1 Easter Parade of Dresses Giveaway #2 Baby Love n More

On the 2nd day of our  Easter Dress Giveaway Event I have teamed up with Baby Love n More to giveaway the stunning dress pictured above!  I LOVE the blue and orange color combination.  Perfect for Easter and on to summer!

Meet the Designer!!  Jane

Where are you located?  

Tulare, CA...central valley..rural/farming

How many children do you have? 

 I have 4 boys and we are expecting outer 6th grandson!! One reason I sew to sell!!

How long have you been sewing?  

Started sewing when I was about 10. Hate to say how many years that makes! About 45!! Mom taught me...I remember one day she was outside mowing (that was my mom...mowed the acre of grass with a walking mower to get her exercise..) I didn't want to wait ( I'm impatient like that) so I put in my first zipper ..wasn't bad... From there on I think I sewed pretty much on my own!! 

What are your hobbies?  

 I Love lots of crafts...knitting, crocheting, scrap booking, the sewing has stuck since I have met all of you to create for! Started boutique almost 2 years ago..May 2012..

What is your favorite Easter Candy? 

 Favorite Easter candy is the Hershey candy coated chocolate eggs...frozen .. No other brand.. Eating some now!! 

What will your kids most likely find in their Easter Basket this year?  

Not sure on the Easter baskets but I'm sure I'll share my chocolate eggs! Show them the good things in life!!

Below are past creations coming from Baby Love N More .  It is best to follow Baby Love N More for previews of upcoming product updates and product release times.

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Jessibeth Vicenty said...

I follow Via Fb, and comment as Jessibeth Vienty, Great Design love it :) It would look beautiful on my Niece