March 5, 2014

2 Amazon Price Drops for March 6

Amazon prices can change at any moment without notice.  Grab these deals while they are low!
$5.96 down from $19.99
Great Easter Basket idea!

$9.88 down from $14.99

$5.19 down from $9.99

If you want this little guy for your Easter Baskets you better grab it now!  This seasons Beanie Boo Lamb is getting harder to find and the prize keeps jumping up on Amazon.  Right now it is $5.99 with free super savers shipping which is a great price!

$59.99 down from $96.99

Bruder MAN Crane Truck
$34.12 down from $63

Don't forget to shop JANE deals as well!  This skirt is on sale this morning and is almost out of stock.  Shop through this link. 

This post contains affiliate links. 



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