March 4, 2014

0 $20 off Paperwhite Kindle and Amazon Price Drops for March 4

Amazon prices can change at any moment!  Grab these deals while you can!  Great gifts for the Easter Basket!

Yay!  I have never seen the Paperwhite go on sale and it is by far my favorite kindle!  It is made for the READERS!!  The battery lasts forever and the screen is great for day or night reading.  Also the screen adjusts for inside or outside environments as well!  Great deal!

$25.00 down from $64.99
This is lower than Black Friday pricing!!  Great for the Easter Basket!

$59.99 down from $96.99
By far the lowest price I have seen.  I paid more at Christmas time!!  My 18 month old adores this truck!!  Great for photos too.

$6.39 down from $11.99

$11.99 down from $20.99

$10.39 down from $12.99

$6.74 down from $11.99 

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