February 10, 2014

0 MyHabit! Possibly the best Flash Sale Site

MyHabit is definitely my favorite flash sale site as far as shipping time goes.  Everything ships FREE and FAST!  MyHabit is an affiliate of Amazon, so a lot of Amazon's designer overflow ends up on MyHabit.  Prices tend to be less than all the other flash site most of the time add the free shipping and you are looking at some big savings compared to other sites.

This is a small sampling of what you will find today under the children's shopping.

Oilily and room 7 Accessories 

Tilly and Jax
I am loving this tee!

Tutu Couture

Don't forget to shop for yourself as well.

Isabella and Fiore
My current favorite handbag designer

If you are currently amember of MyHabit click through this link. http://bit.ly/1cE38Jl
Nonmembers sign up through this link.http://bit.ly/1kn8LNJ

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