December 2, 2013

4 Matilda Jane Promotion and Trunk Show

amazon gift card EH82-FC8R85-7CSJ

This weekend a very special promotion is taking place over at Matilda Jane Clothing.  Fabulous Fun Finds is hosting a trunk show, so you can take part easily!   Every single order will be charge a flat $4 direct ship rate.  Orders of $250 or more will receive a Matilda Jane Clothing blanket pictured above for FREE while supplies last!!  It looks super cozy.
The FFF trunk keeper would like all orders in by Thursday morning to ensure that those orders placed will be received in time to receive a blanket. 
To order please send your name, shipping address and phone number to  I will then forward your email onto the FFF trunk keeper who will contact you for payment information!
Thank you for taking the time to order through me.  I do appreciate it! xoxo
amazon gift card  G3J5-SA7F55-NNXZ