December 18, 2013

1 Amazon Round Up for December 18

Amazon prices can change at any moment without notice.  Be sure to grab these items while the price is low.
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$6.99 down from $15.99

$5.29 down from $16.99
amazon gift card  RHZ2-C2A3GJ-LLT8
$8.99 down from $24.99

$9.27 down from $21.99

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amazon gift card RCW5-3TTTNL-JRKN

$3.19 down from $9.99
$12.71 down from $27.99
Your child uses the stylus to learn how to write the letters.  When your child makes the correct stroke little buttons pop up.  To put the buttons down your child uses his or her finger or the stylus. --Love this product!!
amazon gift card  N5LN-RZSCPU-XV9V
$16.97 down from $22
$10.92 down from $17.99

$2.99 (add on price)
amazon gift card  TNTX-M4CD7L-SJHR
$14.67 down from $24.99
$14.99 down from $24.99
$44.74 down from $94.99
amazon gift card  Q76H-NVDGTK-CDV3
$5.99 down from $16.99