May 11, 2016

2 POGO PASS for Vegas, Texas and Phoenix at 60% off!

Hey, I have an exclusive over for FFF fans

 today from POGO PASS which is currently

 open in San Antonio, Austin,Dallas, Fort

 Worth, Phoenix, and most recently Las 

Vegas. The code FFF2016 will drop the price

 of your pass to $49.98 in all cities with the

 exception of Phoenix which is $39.98 for 

now, and that's with the 60% discount. Each

 pass is individualized so each person does

 need their own pass.  Bowling,

 waterparks, museums and more!!

**Use the code FFF2016**

If you are visiting Las Vegas this is a great pass for family fun off of the strip!

My kids love Cowabunga Bag, The Springs Preserve and the Discovery Museum.  All of the station casinos listed above are for free bowling sessions.  My son is dying to tryout FastLap and Laser Tag.  Pix coming soon of our adventures.

San Antonio, Austin,Dallas, Fort

 Worth offers are below!  Buy your pass here.

Phoenix is only $39.99
Grab a POGO PASS here.

May 7, 2016

2 Mother's Day Deal for Rodan + Fields from Britney Harper

I am NOT a Rodan + Fields consultant, but I am sharing this deal from Britney Harper!! I do use these products and love them.

🌟💠🌷Mother's Day Special!🌷💠🌟
To celebrate Mother's Day---> from this mom of 6 to all you ladies out there, I'm offering the hottest deal I've offered all year!! All Rodan + Fields regimens $110!!
💠REDEFINE- America's #1 Anti-Aging Skincare. Give Father Time a run for his money!💠UNBLEMISH- America's #1 Premium Acne solution! Relief from cystic acne and scarring!💠REVERSE- Clinically proven sun damage removal system! Goodbye brown spots & dullness!💠SOOTHE- Calm your sensitive skin with this proven technology! Contain eczema & rosacea!
🔱This special pricing is offered by independent consultant, Britney Harper! Comment private message Britney directly to secure this special pricing!🔱
*********WHILE SUPPLIES LAST********
Text: 1-601-382-3224
Personal Facebook:


May 2, 2016

2 Target MAY Beauty Box

Target's MAY beauty box is available, but these GO FAST.  Grab two and you will receive a $5 Target gift card as well.  Buy it here.

April 25, 2016

2 Britt's Picks

School is out in just 5 weeks here!  Then I will be living in a swimsuit.   These are a few of this week's summertime picks.

'Turkish Floral' One-Piece Swimsuit (Big Girls)


April 21, 2016

1 Zulily Household Items Sale with Two Day Shipping

This post contains affiliate links.

Zulily's BOXED event is back.  Spend $50 and get TWO DAY shipping!

There are quite a few items to choose from.  Shop the entire sale through this link.


0 Clothing finds for $20 or Less

This post contains affiliate links. 
I promoted Jane quite a bit a year or so ago and Jane has reached out to me time and time again to tell me they miss their exposure on Fabulous Fun Finds.  There is only so much time in a day for me to get all the posts I need to up, so without further ado ....

Jane Picks!
As always shop this website EARLY!  Things sell out fast as they are one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

I posted a link to this on Facebook and quite a few of you have picked it up already.
These are only $9.99 and my favorite type to shirt to wear.  I was born to wear Dolman tops.


This is a pretty solid knock off of these GUESS KIDS dresses I buy at Macy's.

This one isn't under $20.  It is $25.99.  
This color always is a huge seller for FFF fans, so I couldn't not post it.


In case you don't want to buy THIS MINT bag that is taking the fashion industry by storm this spring you can buy the above mint tote and still master the look you are hoping for.


April 20, 2016

0 Nordstrom 40% off Kids Clearance Sale

This post contains affiliate links.
Nordstrom has marked down quite a few new children's items this morning.  The earlier you shop the more deals you will find.  As always EVERYTHING ships free and if you don't love it you can ship it back for FREE as well.  If you aren't sure on a size order two sizes and ship the one size you don't need back.  This way you are sure to get the size you need at the sale price.  If you come back later to order there is a good chance the size you need will be out of stock.  

These are just a few things that caught my eye immediately.  

You can shop the entire sale through this link.

Greek Tiles' One-Piece Swimsuit (Big Girls)

40% off!

This item is still spendy for a girls swimsuit, but this has been one of my favorite pieces to come out this season.

Split Hem Graphic Tee (Big Girls)

40% off
I purchased both colors for my eight year old daughter.  We love the oversized look over here.

35% off 

The big girl sizes are almost sold out, so check back for a restock.

40% off

We have had a lot of success with this brand.

40% off 

Kate Spade

rose print sleeveless dress (Toddler Girls & Little Girls)

40% off

'Ice Cream is the Answer' Tee (Big Girls)

40% off

Tech Fleece Windrunner' Thermal Full Zip Hoodie (Little Boys & Big Boys)

40% off


KD Dagger Hyper Elite' Therma-FIT & Dri-FIT Full Zip Hoodie (Little Boys & Big Boys)

40% off

40% off

Under Armour

'Eliminator' HeatGear® Shorts (Big Boys)

40% off

Under Armour

'Big Logo' UA Tech Graphic T-Shirt (Little Boys & Big Boys)

40% off

Fleece Track Pants (Toddler Boys, Little Boys & Big Boys)

40% off

40% off 
More colors available

40% off

There is also a TON of Tea Collection on sale.   You can shop sale items for this brand through this link.

All Kate Spade KIDS sale items can be found here.  This line is adorable.  I would take one of everything if I had a money tree in the backyard. 


April 19, 2016

1 Toliet Paper Stock Up Deal

Toilet paper is the most requested deal on

 Fabulous Fun Finds!!  Funny, right!  We all

 use it, so why not stock up when you find a


This week do not pass up this deal!!

This post contains affiliate links.

 purchase of 4 household items.  Toilet paper

 comes to be $0.14 a roll.  There are several

 different brands included in this sale along 

with trash bags and other essential cleaning

 products.  Shop the sale here.


April 18, 2016

2 Marimekko for Target! You can still grab it!

It is HERE!  The lastest Target Collaboration.
This post contains affiliate links.

Marimekko for Target Play Tent

This line actually came out yesterday.  I am sure some of you have your hands on all the beauty already!

Luckily for the rest of us this wasn't a ONE DAY sell out!  Phew!

Marimekko for Target Body Board

I know everyone is excited about the play tents, swimsuits and such.  I must admit THIS is what I want.  Summertime is calling my name.  When I am melting like a hot toasted cheezer sandwich in the hot blazing desert sun I just want to be in the water.  THE ENTIRE DAY.

Marimekko girls

Congratulations if you can get your daughter to wear a long sleeve swimsuit.  I know it is better for their skin, but I also know this swimsuit would probably sit in the drawer unless I put my foot down and said you WILL be wearing long sleeves.

Luckily Marimekko for Target also has their own SUNSCREEN.

Marimekko for Target Teepee 3 pc - Koppelo 

Print - Black

Let's end with another TeePee because we know we can't get enough and there are THREE availabe in this collection.  The third one is through this link.

Shop all of the Marimekko for Target collection through this link.

It is so nice to be able to purchase a Target designer collaboration without having to wait at the store two hours before it opens and fight off mommy vultures.  My FFF promps go out to Target for having enough stock this time around!  Well done, Target!  Well done!

April 17, 2016

10 What is in my Nordstrom Shopping Cart?!!

It is a fresh week and I have shopping on the brain!  I was sent a request from a fan to show what is currently in my Nordstrom shopping cart!!  Last summer I posted my Nordy shopping cart items on Facebook many times throughout the summer.  I always put everything that has caught my eye in my basket and watch it daily for price drops.  I have found just about EVERYTHING goes 40% off at some point over at Nordstrom!!  

Did I mention Nordstrom has the BEST customer service!  There is NO time limit for returns as long as you have your tags and a receipt they will accept your return at anytime.  Nordstrom has long been known for searching out and offering the best quality items, so I know I am not taking any chance by ordering from this amazing department store.  Free shipping and free returns isn't too shabby either.
  I am a customer for LIFE!  

Here we go!!  This is what is in my cart right now just waiting.  Once the prices drop on any of these babies they will be mine.  Of course, if you follow me on Facebook you will be the first know as well.  After I checkout and make my purchase anyway.  LOL!
This post contains affiliate links.

Can you stand the cuteness!!  I am envision cute summer pix with these babies.

'Seacoast' Slip-On Sneaker (Little Kid & Big Kid)

Anyone who has been following me on Facebook the last few weeks will know how much I love my Sperry Seacoast shoes.   I spotted these for kids, so you can bet my two girls will be wearing these at some point.  I love the gold, but white is also available.

Kate Spade 

mini small square stud earrings

These are ALWAYS in my cart.  When these go on sale and I post them on Facebook at least 50 pairs are purchased.  EACH. AND. EVERY. TIME!  It is an amazing phenomenon.

This dress is all over INSTAGRAM, but usually the fashion blogger is wearing white.  White is now sold out, but you can still get your hands on coral.  I will say the dress looks a thousand times better on all the fashion bloggers than on the Nordstrom website.    Your safety net is FREE RETURNS!  Yep, if this dress is too long on ya just send it back with the prepaid shipping label Nordstrom provides you.  Simple as that!  I like simple!

This is a great dress for pregnant mamas as you can wear it with your baby bump and after the baby delivery too.

I died and went to swim heaven when I saw this swimsuit for girls.  I died again when I saw the price.

'Number One' 50mm Sunglasses

When you love sunnies as much as I do you can constantly checking out the latest fashion.  

kate spade new york

'cape drive - lynnie' drawstring tote

All I need to say is MOTHER'S DAY is coming!

This is my son's daily uniform.  I know I am not alone.  

When these go on sale (yes, they do go on sale).  I stock up.

I haven't showed this item to you, but I know your shopping patterns and this will be a FFF Fan Favorite.  I can feel it with every bone in my body.

'Endless Seas' Print Kimono (Little Girls & Big Girls)

I see my daughter wearing this, but she will be wearing pants with it!

Yes, I realize the model is wearing a swimsuit.  I picture this kimono paired up with crops for a fun summer night.

Now I already have this ladies.  I grabbed it when it was being price matched a week or so ago and I am now obsessed with this beauty.  Yes, I own a right hand diamond ring and I have tucked it away to wear this.  You can't go wrong with this ring.  Even my Father In Law said this was a beautiful ring.  A MAN noticed a ring!!  That is saying something.

The only reason this is in my cart is so I can notify FFF fans when the price drops again.

Well, this is what is in my Nordstrom cart!!  Some days you just need  a billon dollars!  Some days you just need to shop with Fabulous Fun Finds and you can score all this stuff at a steal.  I will keep you posted when these items drops.  Thanks for shopping with me.